Tom Cat Fishing
Capt. Tom Schwier
(561) 262-2301
Blowing Rocks Marina
18487 SE Federal Highway
Jupiter, FL 33469

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat what I catch?
Yes, you certainly can. We clean and filet any fish you catch that are legal to keep. You may take them home with you or have a local restaurant cook it for you. "Hog Snappers" on US 1 here in Jupiter is a great restaurant that will cook your catch.

How far out do we go?
We are fortunate here in Jupiter that some of the best fishing grounds are less than 5 miles from the inlet or less than 15 minutes on a good day.

Although you can catch a variety of fish on any given day, there are definite times of year when you can target one species of pelagics more than another. To see what's biting this month, check out or seasons page.

How much is a charter again?
A 1/2 day charter which is 4 hours is $700. A 6 hour charter is $1,000 and a full day is $1,300. Remember, your mate works for tips which are customarily 20%

What about bait?
We supply all the gear and bait that is necessary, including live bait when available!

What time do we leave?
Departure times are flexible and will vary by charter. We'll let you know the best tides or conditions and recommend when we should head out, but it's your choice.

Do I need a deposit?
We do not ask for a deposit, but request you cancel within 48 hours or you will be billed 50% of the charter rate.

What if I need to cancel? All we ask is that you let us know 48 hours in advance. It's really a bummer to get up early, get to the boat and head to the meeting spot only to get a phone call the anglers were out all night and don't want to go fishing any more!

What kind of payment do you accept?
Payment is cash or check with cash being preferred, especially for the tip. We do NOT accept credit cards.

What about the weather?
Jupiter inlet can be a nasty place to navigate in rough weather. We usually know the night before what conditions will be like and if there is a chance it will be too rough, we'll cancel.

We'll also give you the opportunity to cancel if you are afraid of being sea sick.

What happens if we get out and I get sea sick?
It can happen. We ask the crew to make the determination of staying out or going back in. So, that's your call, not ours. If we get out and immediately decide it's too rough, you can cancel without payment unless we bought live bait - which is non-returnable and non-refundable.

What do I need to bring?
We supply all the tackle and will have an icebox with ice and water.

You will want to bring a hat, sunglasses, sun tan lotion and appropriate clothing. Depending on the weather, appropriate clothing ranges from a bathing suit to sweats and a foul weather jacket!

I also recommend you bring a towel and a camera to take pictures of the fish you're going to catch.

Can I drink beer on the boat or eat food?
Our goal is your enjoyment. Please bring whatever food or beverages you'd like. It's important, though, to stay hydrated so you can enjoy the day.

What kind of fish will we catch?
Fishing conditions and seasons usually dictate what we can hope to catch. Target species range from Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, Blackfin Tuna, Bonita, Snapper, Snook, Cobia, Tarpon and Kingfish & Spanish Mackerel

I think you covered everything, any last suggestions?
The goal on the TomCat is for anglers of all sizes, ages, and experience levels to be able to catch fish and have fun!

Bring a smile and be ready for a great day on the water.